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Lesson Plans

The Mensa Foundation is proud to produce this series of lesson plans for gifted children. These plans are appropriate for use in a traditional classroom; they can be easily used in a homeschool environment; and they also make good holiday or summer projects. The content is designed to correlate with the common curriculum at each grade level. Lessons are written for children and require a minimum of assistance; any exceptions to this are noted in the introduction of each lesson plan. Non-readers will need assistance but will still be able to enjoy the lessons.

New lessons will be released periodically, and we welcome suggestions for future lessons. Please send any ideas or feedback to

Note to Teachers:
These lessons allow for differentiation with minimum effort by the educator. The grade levels are fluid and are given primarily to identify reading level and correlate curriculum. We hope these lessons are a fun and easy way to help meet the needs of your gifted students.

Note to Parents:
These lessons don't require any prior knowledge or training, and they use very few supplies, so they are ideal for doing at home. However, if you would like your child's teacher to allow your child to use them as enrichment in a traditional classroom, please approach this idea gently, making sure it fits in with the teacher's plan for the class.

General - Early American Novel: Exploring the emergence of a genre
Middle-High School - Intensities in the Classroom
General - Introduction to Color: The Foundation of Art and Design
General - Quotation Station
General - The Power of Invention
Kindergarten - Shapes
1st - The Moon
2nd - Action Fractions
2nd - Storytelling
3rd - Kingdom Animalia: Classifying Animals
4th - Fabulous Fibonacci and His Nifty Numbers
4th - Hurricanes
5th - Ecosystems
5th - The Cell
6th - Peas in a Pod: Mendelian Genetics
6th - Probably Probability
7th - Greek Mythology: It's Greek to Me
Middle School - Map Projections
7th - Put Your Screenplay on Paper in 15 Easy Steps
7th - The Solar System: An Introduction to the Sun
8th - Understanding the Influence of the Media
9th - Connecting Africa: A Project-based Learning Adventure
High School - I Need a Hero
High School - Magical Musical Tour
High School - The Fantasticks
High School - The Writer’s Toolbox: What You Need to Master the Craft
High School - Utopia/Dystopia: The American Dream

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